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    Montuiri Veterinaris - abandonament animal

    Unfortunately today there are still many abandoned pets, many of them are puppies and kittens from unwanted pregnancies. It is sad to hear that continuously litters are found in rubbish bins, ditches, etc., left to their fate, some are found in time but others do not survive.

    I speak from the experience being on the other side, as a person who has recently found a litter of three kittens lying in a ditch in the sun on a Saturday at noon at more than 30ºC!!!. I was driving when I saw an animal crawling on the roadside. When I stopped I saw that it was a few days old kitten still with his eyes closed, in the gutter were two more kittens crying, stained with their own feces and close to them an empty bag containing remnants of feces !!! The poor kittens were asphyxiated due to the heat and breathing with their mouth open. Obviously I picked them up and decided to take care of them. At that time they were about 5 days old.

    Since that day it's been more than two weeks and I've been feeding them with powdered milk specific for cats. Initially every 3h with a syringe, now they use a bottle and eat every 4-6h. I don’t just feed them, but after each meal I must stimulated them to wee and poop, as I was their mother.

    These kitten have been taken away from their mummy cat. Surely she will come into heat and be pregnant again, starting another cycle of unwanted pregnancy with the consequent abandonment of their offspring by an irresponsible owner and not sensitized to the importance of spaying his pet.

    This is just one example of all the animals abandoned every year, not only young but also adult animals who are abandoned by their owners. The proof in the amount of pets in municipal pounds and animal shelters, whose main objective is to save lives and animal welfare.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - colònia de moixos.

    Animal shelters give these pets with a previous adoption contract, in which person who adopt an animal agrees to give a good home, feed, vaccinate and neuter the dog or cat that adopted.

    Neutering your pet avoid overcrowding, abandonment of pets, feral cat colonies that breed out of control and the spread of diseases such as feline immunosuppressive virus transmitted by bites.

    Irresponsible possession is the cause of overpopulation of pets as dogs and cats reproduce at a high rate. Canine and feline overpopulation is caused by the uncontrolled breeding, population in 10 years can grow by 85% compared to growth in the human population. Thousands of puppies are born every day, usually a female dog that reaches sexual maturity under optimal conditions can breed successfully between 4 and 6 puppies a year. In 6 years a female dog and her offspring have the capacity to produce 67,000 new puppies.

    Animal pounds and shelters are full of dogs and cats waiting to be adopted, so ADOPT, neuter and thus contribute to the AWARENESS AGAINST THE ANIMAL ABANDONMENT !!!!

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