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    Veterinaris Montuiri - toothbrush

    Throughout the months of September and October we are in dental campaign because, as in people, good dental health positively influences the overall health of our animal. By contrast, dental problems can trigger major problems as plaque contains millions of bacteria that may enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body affecting heart, kidneys and liver.

    In our company we are committed to the premise that "prevention is better than cure" so that in addition to the care carried out by the veterinarian at the clinic, we will explain you different methods that help us avoid tartar buildup on teeth and gums that can be performed easily at home.

    There are several ways to maintain good dental health and each can be adapted to the different possibilities and preferences of owners and pets.

    There are active methods, in which the owner has an active participation as brushing teeth, mouthwash ... also there are passive methods, where the owner does not intervene in the action such as products for drinking water, special treats, dog food with big kibble...

    Active methods are more effective in the front teeth, and passive methods in lateral teeth and molars.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - toothpaste


    Brushing is the most effective way to keep teeth clean method, although not as effective in case of gingivitis. Some dogs can not tolerate brushing if they are not used to, but as we all know consistency is the key of dental health.

    There are special toothpaste for our pets, which do not contain fluoride but a series of special substances. For example, the paste X-Mile Orozyme® X is an enzymatic and antibacterial gel that contains 5 enzymes found naturally in saliva and 2 antibacterials that prevent the action of the bacteria involved in dental disease and causing of bad breath.

    It has to be applied  once a day, with special toothbrush that includes, after meals to be more effective. For convenience there are chewable treats X-Mile which if offered daily can replace daily brushing, what is done only 1 or 2 times a week.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - mouthwash


    Using mouthwashes is most effective method against gingivitis.

    Currently there are solutions of zinc, which are the best choice in veterinary medicine. Products are tasteless and reduce plaque, treat gingivitis and increase the collagen synthesis.

    In Montuiri Veterinaris we recommend a product called Clunia® containing zinc gluconate, ascorbic acid and taurine, ingredients that stimulate tissue repair and improve gingival inflammation, in addition to rapidly reduction of halitosis.

    It is very easy to use because you just have to apply 1, 2 or 3 drops, depending on the weight of the animal, on each side of the mouth and the product is distributed only by action of the natural cleansing of the oral cavity.

    Its application daily helps to maintain optimal oral health. In addition only uses natural products so it has no contraindications.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - dental treats


    There are many products on the market that have a mechanical effect on teeth as chewing them rub teeth and reduce the accumulation of food debris.
    We must avoid giving bones or very hard materials that can cause fracture of the enamel.

    Now that you know all the possibilities of the market, you can choose the one that best suits your possibilities. Help usto  maintain the overall health of your pets!!


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