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    How to apply a pipette to your pet...

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    Montuiri Veterinaris - ticks

    Like every year, when spring stars the parasites appear. Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes thrive in the heat and can pose a risk to our pets and ourselves.

    A few months ago we knew the news of a man who was infected with the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic virus by a tick bite. This virus has been detected in some ticks of the species Hyalomma in certain regions of Avila, Madrid, Toledo and Extremadura. These ticks parasitize wild animals like deer and the risk of contagion to people is estimated to be very low.

    Anyway, ticks that affect our pets can also carry organisms and bacteria that cause them serious illness and ourselves.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - ticks

    The most frequent species of tick is the Riphicephalus sanguineus, known as the "brown dog tick". It is found throughout the national territory, is more frequent in rural areas, but also found in urban areas, it is active all year round with a peak between March and July.

    The organisms that can transmit these ticks are Babesia canis, Rickettsia, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma and Borrelia, responsible for Lyme disease, which also affects people.

    Ticks live in areas with vegetation and are placed on long grasses waiting for an animal to pass. When the tick is attached to the skin it begins to feed within 36-48 hours, and it is at this time that it can transmit these diseases through saliva.

    When we find a swollen tick full of blood in our dog, it means that it has been stuck for more than 48 hours and, therefore, may have transmitted some of these bacteria.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - how to apply an spot on

    There are many products on the market to fight these dangerous parasites. There are a variety of pipettes, such as VECTRA 3D, FRONTLINE or BROADLINE for cats, which are applied to the animal's skin. Pipettes have an insecticidal effect against fleas and ticks, that is, they kill the parasites that the animal already carries on them, and, in addition, they have a repellent effect, when the ticks get on the animal they notice the product and they no longer adhere. Vectra 3D also has repellent effect of mosquitoes that transmit leishmaniosis, and Broadline for cats also acts against intestinal worms.

    Also effective is the Scalibor collar, which has repellent effect against ticks and mosquitoes.

    In the last 2 years have been developed oral antiparasitic tablets for dogs very effective against fleas and ticks, is the case of NEXGARD or SIMPARICA. They are very safe substances in the form of a treat that kill the parasites that our dogs carry and prevent them from becoming infected for at least a month. It is useful in animals that bathe frequently, since it is not on the skin, and in animals with dermatitis or allergic problems.

    We must have in mind that these products are medicines and therefore, we will find them in veterinary centers, we can not buy them in stores. The collars or pipettes that are sold in the supermarket do not contain insecticides, if not natural extracts and their effectiveness is not supported with studies.

    How can we protect our pets and ourselves from the dreaded ticks?

    Veterinaris Montuiri - nexgard

    - As we have seen, there are different products to fight the parasites, we will use one or the other depending on the lifestyle of our pet, the risk of contagion, the environment where they live, whether there are children or not ... well, if they are Animals that swim often we can use pills, the pills are also suitable in houses with children, thus we avoid that the animal carries product in the skin. If you live in the countryside or areas with mosquitoes, we will have to put collars or repellent products... Think that we must apply these products throughout the year and that in animals with a high risk of infestation we can combine several products that complement or reinforce protection .

    - In case of walks to the countryside it is useful to apply FRONTLINE SPRAY as repellent, and later to review the body of the animal. In our case it is advisable to wear trousers and long sleeves, we can apply repellent products and have a shower when we return from the walk, as well as check the children well.

    - In the house we must vacuum the floor to eliminate ticks that may have fallen from the dog and flea larvae.

    - Keeping the grass and lawn short also prevents that there are so many ticks around the houses.

    Take advantage this month of the Antiparasitic Campaign and we will inform you which is the most appropriate product to protect your friend.


    Laura Gomila

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