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    Veterinaris Montuiri - flea cicle of life

    Fleas are arthropod insects that parasitize animals and feed on their blood. Unlike ticks, which live on the grass and only raise the animal to feed, the fleas live on the animal and feed when they need it. Eggs are deposited on the environment where the dog or cat lives, their bed or resting place, or if they live in the house, on carpets, sofas, under furniture, etc. In optimum conditions, each flea can lay up to 25 eggs per day, in 1-2 days the larvae develop, which will pass through different phases to become adult fleas, in about 12 days, which re-climb to the animal.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - flea dirt

    Each flea can consume about 14 cubic millimeters of blood per day, therefore, in important infestations can cause anemia to the animal. In addition, as we have seen in other articles, may be transmitters of parasites or bacteria such as Diphilidium caninum or Bartonella, which can also cause diseases to people.

    In animals with fleas clinical signs can be very variable, there are animals that tolerate them well and despite being heavily infested do not scratch, in these cases we can not assess if the animal has fleas because is itchy or not. We must look for them between the hair or we can detect the residues they leave, which are black grains like ground coffee that remain between the hair. One test we can do is to rub a wet cotton over these grains and see that it is stained red, as these grains are feaces with digested blood. Remember that every flea that we find in our animal can put 25 eggs per day that in 12 days will be new fleas, so even if we see few fleas we must treat them.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - flea allergy

    There are animals that are allergic to fleas and scratch themself so much that they get injured. The most common signs are dermatitis and loss of hair on the back, tail and behind the hind limbs. But if the infestation is very serious they can have alopecias throughout the body. In the case of the cat the lesions range from small crusty grains throughout the body to a extensive lack of hair without any injury. In allergic animals we can see few fleas, since they remove them by scratching, especially cats that lick themselves continuously, therefore we should look for the black grains that will indicate the presence of fleas, and if we do not find them, we must do an intensive treatment against fleas to all the animals with dermatitis that are itchy to rule out them.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - desparassitació

    It is very important to know the biology of fleas in order to combat them. Today there are many products on the market, in the form of spray, spot-on or tablets and we have to know how they work to choose the best option for our animal.

    - FIPRONIL sprays are very safe to put on young animals, from the second day of life, and are very effective, but have no residual effect on the hair, so they do not protect against reinfestation in a short time, and are not easy to apply on adult and large size animals. Therefore, they are not a good choice for adult pets and over 2 kg.

    - In the market there are different brands of spot-on that offer a monthly protection and act killing the fleas that the animal has and preventing reinfestation. Depending on the animal's lifestyle and needs, we have spot-on that provide protection against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, such as VECTRA, which are highly recommended for dogs. In the case of animals that also have otitis due to mites, STRONGHOLD is useful. And more recently has appeared BROADLINE for cats that protects against fleas and ticks and also serves to treat all types of intestinal worms, very useful in cats that do not take pills or live in the countryside and hunt small animals and they can become infected with worms very easily.

    - In recent years, tablets against parasites have been developed, such as COMFORTIS, which has a very fast and powerful action against fleas, and is very useful in allergic animals. Also NEXGARD, which kills fleas and ticks and can be used for the treatment of mange. The tablets give a monthly protection and are useful in allergic animals, where we need a product that acts very fast, in animals that have a skin reaction to the spot-on, or those dogs that swim frequently.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - flea infestation

    For a good antiparasitic plan we must take into account that:

    - We must use products suitable for each species, since there are spot-on for dogs that can result in fatal poisoning for cats. We must respect the frequency of application of the manufacturer, most of them are for monthly application. We can not use liquids to fumigate the environment to bathe the pets, since they can provoke intoxication even very diluted.

    - We must treat all animals that live together, both dogs and cats. We must bear in mind that rats, rabbits or feral cats can act as a source of contagion.

    - In case of an infestation in our home we must treat ALL animals with fast acting products to prevent adult fleas from laying eggs, In this case we should give them pills, since the spot-on are not so fast. Weekly we have to vacuum  underneath the furniture and carpets, cleaning with hot water the bed linen, couch covers and all the places where our pet rests. And apply products suitable for the environment, both at home and outdoors. 

    Do not hesitate to ask us how is the best way to protect your animals from these uncomfortable guests, we will help you to design the best anti-parasite plan according to your pet's needs and during the rest of the month you will benefit from our discounts!


    Laura Gomila
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