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Veterinaris Montuiri - mammary tumor

Lua is a 10-year-old female dog who came to the Hospital in Llucmajor on Saturday afternoon because she had a lump in her breasts. The owners were very worried because they had not seen it before and it was a very large nodule.

On the physical examination, Lua had fever and pain when we touched the lump, which was located in the area of the mammary glands. A blood test and x-ray were performed to determine the extent of the lesion. In the blood test there were alterations derived from the strong inflammation.

The main suspicions were that Lua had a strong mastitis or a mammary tumor. An antibiotic and anti-inflammatory treatment was started and we made an appointment a few days later to see the progress and to do more tests if necessary.

After a few days on antibiotic and anti-inflammatory the nodule remained the same, so a cytology was done that was compatible with a tumor. At the same time, chest X-rays were taken to assess if there was metastasis, since most malignant tumors of the mammary gland end up reproducing in the lung.

Fortunately, no evidence of metastases was seen on the radiographs, and Lua was cited for surgery, to try to remove the tumor, or at least to do a biopsy that tell us what kind of tumor it was to be able to give a prognosis. There are different types of mamary tumors and depending on the type they can be more or less aggressive. The only way to diagnose them is through a biopsy.

Veterinaris Montuiri - cirurgia

On the day of surgery we saw that the tumor could be completely removed and a sample was sent for biopsy. Lua went home with treatment for a few days waiting for the results.

After 10 days the surgery wound was fully healed and we were able to remove all the stitches. The biopsy confirmed that the lump of Lua was a tumor, but luckily we had managed to remove it completely and the prognosis of recovery was favorable. From now on we have to do periodically follow up to detect the appearance of new lumps in the mammary glands and x-rays to assess the lungs.

Early sterilization is the best way to prevent the onset of this type of tumors on our dogs, sterilization before the first heat reduces the chance of a mammary tumor almost to zero.

Do not hesitate to ask us for information about our sterilization campaign at any of our centers.

Laura Gomila

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