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    Veterinaris Montuiri - dental root abscess

    Veterinaris Montuiri - tartar

    Xispa is a 9 years old dog that came to our clinic in Algaida because she has a swollen lump in her face. Xispa had not lost her appetite or felt ill.

    Her family had recently adopted her and they had noticed that she had a lot of tartar in the teeth.

    During the examination we detected an inflammation under the eye, which also affected the area of the nose. In the mouth there was a lot of tartar in the teeth, with retraction of the gums in the molars, which left the root of the molars in sight, and had already missed several pieces, especially incisors.

    The rest of the exploration was normal, Xispa had no fever and we didn’t detect symptoms of other diseases.

    We take blood to do a pre-anesthetic analysis, since we suspected that the problem was related to the teeth and it was proposed to do a dental cleaning.

    Before dental cleaning, antibiotic treatment was started to improve the infection and prepare Xispa for the day of the surgery.

    After two days with antibiotics the swelling of Xispa's face had disappeared. A few days later the cleaning of tartar was carried out and the tooth that had had the abscess was removed.

    Veterinaris Montuiri - dental cleaningVeterinaris Montuiri - periodontal diseaseAbscesses in the roots of the teeth, or phlegm, as they are known in people, are infections of the inner part of the tooth or pulp, which cause an abscess or accumulation of pus in the roots and that in the face is seen as a lump in the jaw or face. The main causes are the fracture of the tooth, that causes the entrance of bacteria and the periodontal disease with gingival retraction.

    In most cases the treatment of choice is tooth extraction, since antibiotic treatment, although resolving the inflammation of the face at first, is not enough and the abscess is repeated in a few weeks or months.

    It is important to perform periodic checkups of the mouth to detect the occurrence of tartar, as well as perform good dental hygiene at home with specific products to delay their appearance and avoid more serious and irreversible problems such as periodontal disease or loss of teeth.

    Laura Gomila

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