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By means of endoscopy we can obtain direct and enlarged images of our pets internal organs and cavities. We introduce a small digital camera through their natural orificies such as mouth, vagina or nares. Sometimes we create new wholes surgically to pass through an endoscopic device.

It is a minimally invasive technique that let the veterinarian diagnose different diseases, take biopsy samples, remove foreign bodies or even apply a treatment with minimal side effects for the animal, if we compare it to standard open surgery. Anyhow it must be done under general anesthesia to avoid animal self trauma and to get high quality imaging.

Sometimes surgery is recommended afterwards, but most of the times it is the first choice in areas with difficult acces such as nose, trachea or bronchii avoiding aggressive surgery or to retrieve foreign bodies is stomach and esophagous.

Dr. Veronica Lopez leads this area. She’s done several courses and licensed from ESAVS (European School of Advanced Veterinary Studies).


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