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Oral health care promotion
  • At Mallorca Veterinaris we would like your pet to wear a bright smile. That's why we are pleased to have a range of offers that you can take advantage of and take care of your pet's teeth.
  • We believe it's necessary to carry out a dental clean every year , not just to remove tartar but also to carry out a full dental and oral cavity check.
  • As a customer of Mallorca Veterinaris we can offer you a complete service for only 169 Euros, which is a 30% saving and includes the following :
    • An initial visit to evaluate any possible dental problems and a preanaestetic evaluation.
    • Blood work to ensure a complete preanaestetic check.
    • A full dental clean and polish.
  • As well as this your pet will also receive a gift to prevent plaque build up worth 20 Euros. This gift pack includes :
    • A special dental cleanser-rinse bottle for dogs (dogs cannot swallow the one humans use).
    • ... and some special treats to avoid food scraps.

Free dental checkup for the 20 first pets comming to our clinics.

If you want to learn more about the benefits or removing your pet's tartar, click here.