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Sterilization campaign

In Mallorca Veterinaris prices have improved so you can sterilize your pet, improve its health and avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Neutering prevents the occurrence of hormonally related to the reproductive system diseases such as prostate or mammary gland diseases. Take advantage of this promotion for your pet avoid, problems and save money at the same time.

As a client of Mallorca Veterinaris, we offer some exclusive promotions, both in the sterilization of a male and a female, and whether you have a cat, a rabbit or a dog.

Prices include a complete scan and blood tests (except in the castration of cat) to check the good health of the pet before anesthesia and of course the price of surgery in the hands of the best professionals and the latest technology.

All services will be charged a 30% discount. AND IF YOU ARE FROM THE FIRST 20 TO COME YOU WILL HAVE THE FREE VISIT!!!

Find out at one of our centers what is the best plan for your pet.